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This is my blog that follows the making of our of music videos. The blog posts related to my first stop-motion animated music video for the song "See The World" start from this post.

22nd Jul 2006

First blood....

Did some more set building today. I've almost completed the second room (the female characters room). Had a frustrating day with my hammer. I think the nails are too soft and thin from my supporting wood (I bent a lot of nails). Also managed to skin my thumb with the claws of the hammer (attempting to remove one of the many bent nails). Nothing a few plasters couldn't fix.

Anyway, I've decided I'm going to try doing some regular test shots before I start shooting to try and get used to animating (I think I'm going to need a lot of practise). The above test is unsecured again, like the last one (that's why you can see my fingers holding the puppet up on the bottom left). I haven't glued on my puppets hands yet either (that's why I took them off when he stands up).

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20th Jul 2006

Movement test....

I purchased a program called iStopMotion today and did some quick test shots with it. I plan on using iStopMotion and a borrowed iSight camera (thanks Steve) to monitor movement with while I use my second borrowed high resolution digital camera (thanks Heath) to do the actual filming with.

As you can see in this clip I knocked the puppet and chair around a bit (I accidentally almost knocked it off the table halfway through). I plan on fixing everything down securely when I do the music video.

I noticed that we've been getting a few visits from some other stopmotion animators. Thanks for your comments (and suggestions) here and on the stopmotion animation forum. I'll post some links to some of these stopmotion animation websites on our links page for anyone interested in checking them out.

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19th Jul 2006

Room #1....

I completed the structure for the first room today (after several blisters, a strained shoulder and a whole lot of bent nails). Only two of the walls are shown here, but there are four in total. The entire thing is bolted together and dismantles into five boards. The carpet that I have used is just a $2 mat from Dave's Emporium (where I seem to get most of my materials from).

I'm probably going to bolt all these props to the ground once I figure out exactly where they need to go. I still need to glue the carpet down too.

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19th Jul 2006

Making a mess....

Well, it's been almost a month since I took over the lounge of our flat (how thoughtful of me). The coffee table doesn't have a lot of room for coffee anymore. I've started blocking up all the windows in our garage too (which I plan to shoot the video in). I checked to see how much it leaked today (it was raining) and only found a few places. Perhaps this should have been a summer project.

Finished the male character today too. I should probably give him a name. I'm open to suggestions.

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18th Jul 2006


Spent most of today making walls for the male characters set. The "wallpaper" is just material stretched over wooden boards. It's not quite finished, I still need to drill some holes so that I can bolt them all together and add and remove walls while I'm shooting the video.

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16th Jul 2006

Female character....

The female character is almost finished now. Just need to choose a head for it and tidy up all the loose edges. This is actually my second attempt at the female character. On the first attempt the wire I used for the arms was far too thick and almost broke the torso (which was far too small). I only figured this out after I'd spent hours sewing the arms and the legs on however.

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14th Jul 2006


My first prop for the set. This chair took me so long to make. I think I managed to hot-glue gun myself to every piece of it.

The view from the bottom isn't so pretty. It's surprisingly solid for cardboard, fabric and glue. Originally this fabric was going to be for the male characters pants, but it didn't really hold up to such tight and detailed sewing.

After spending so long on the chair I decided to make the next prop a little more simple.

And finally a television. I plan on adding the images for what is on the television in post production.

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10th Jul 2006

Male character....

Well, I've almost finished the first character (the male). Only really need to cover up his neck and try to hide any remaining visible armature wire around the ankles and wrists.

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8th Jul 2006

Painted heads....

I've made and painted four more heads so far and two more sets of hands so that I have a few to choose from. I've decided not to add mouths or eyebrows to the heads, as I think that this project is going to be challenging enough as it is, and I quite like the look that I've achieved so far.

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5th Jul 2006

Effect test....

I did some tests shooting in the dark with long exposure times (I think they were around 10 seconds). The line bouncing in the background is the light from my cellphone. I'll have to try this with some LEDs.

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