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2nd Sep 2007

More planning....

I've almost finished storyboarding the video now. I only have the solo left to plan. Then every shot will need to be analysed for the timing of the movements within the shot (this could take a few more days).

I've also tested out a few more shots. This one is of the guitar line that I need to play during the intro and verse of the song. Luckily the guitar part is fairly simple, so it's easy to loop and edit together.

Thanks to Nathan for being my actor/model for the shot, and also for lending us cameras and lenses for the week. We've managed to borrow a Canon 350d to shoot with (which is the same model of camera I shot the See The World video with). I've also got a range of lenses to try out: a couple of 28-80mm, and a 14mm wide-angle lens (which is what I used for the test shot above). Awesome!

I'm going down to The Yellow Submarine tomorrow night to try them out. I need to figure out what angles I'm going to be shooting from so as to isolate the subject of the shot (otherwise it's going to be really hard to sync the guitar/drums/synth in every shot), and I also need to figure out what the lighting rig is capable of.

We're shooting the time-lapse footage at our gig on Friday (September the 7th), so if you want to come along and be in the video then come along after 9PM (I have no idea what time we're playing).

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