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12th Sep 2007

Weekend of shooting....

The weekend of filming went really well. We filmed for around 9 hours on Saturday, and then 13 hours on Sunday. There were a few shots that took longer than they should have (mainly due to tiredness on the second day), but I think that after the first few shots we slowly figured out our system of shooting.

We had a fairly small crew down at the shoot. Adam Fulton joined us and helped with lighting, setting up the camera and shooting the footage. Heath Lewis joined us for the Saturday (and a few hours on Sunday) to help set up the camera and lighting, and to make Bevan laugh during shooting when he wasn't supposed to be. And Paula Allen joined us for Sunday afternoon and helped out lining up and taking a bunch of the shots.

Other than a few shots that were out of focus, we didn't really have to re-shoot a lot of footage (which I was a little surprised at). The footage has come out really well, and I've spent the last few days processing and stabilising it. This basically involves picking a point in middle the scene and lining up all the following images with that point. Bevan constructed a rig for panning that we used for the close up shots which has made them really easy to line up. The other shots have been a bit more difficult however.

I've decided to scale the images down to 1280 x 720 (HD 720p) while I'm processing them, and will edit them at the same resolution. It means that processing the images is taking quite a bit of time on my computer though (the original raw footage is at 3456 x 2304).

Last night I started lining up the footage with the audio. This involves a whole lot of scrubbing back and forth through the footage to make up the final clip. So far I've managed to process the intro and first verse. It's taking a lot less time than I thought it would, but I guess it's still going to take me a long time to finish it all.

Because of the way I'm editing together the clips involves the footage in reverse, I've had to make the movements we make during filming look a little robotic (I guess that's an okay word to call it). I kind of like the look and feel it gives to the video though.

Anyway, here's a quick clip from the first verse that I synced with the audio this morning.

I'll try to upload some more shots soon. My brain is a bit of a mess right now (tired and stressed), and I'm writing this while lining up and rendering the chorus, so I'll write some more later.

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