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This is my blog that follows the making of our of music videos. The blog posts related to my first stop-motion animated music video for the song "See The World" start from this post.

15th Sep 2007

Half-way Double-scream....

So, I've lined up all of the planned footage now, exported it (that took most of yesterday), and completed the rough edit. Some of the shots still need a little bit of tweaking, and I'm not that happy with how the start of the video is looking right now. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out something though.

I'm struggling to think of anything interesting to write. Lining up thousands of images and waiting for them to export hasn't been the most interesting of jobs so far....

Anyway, here's a short few shots from the middle of the video. They're still fairly rough, and haven't been colour corrected or anything like that (they're also possibly slightly out of time).

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