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17th Sep 2007


Today I started work on producing a rough edit of the time-lapse footage that we took at the end of the shoot. The last minute of the video will be in this style. I didn't really plan the shots for this portion of the video, and have been feeling a little stressed because of this (I think). I managed to use all of the time-lapse footage that we shot on Sunday night in the rough edit, so I'm quite lucky that I had enough to fill it.

Here is a small portion from the edit.

I think I'll leave the time-lapse edit for a day or two and work on something else so that I can step back from it for a while. So I guess it's back to fixing up shots from the first three quarters of the video.

I also spent a little while today fixing up three frames from the final shot of the video. The final shot is around 16 seconds (approximately 400 frames), and there were three frames in the middle that were shot quite off from the frames surrounding them (and so they had a part of the image on the right missing once they were stabilised - so I had to add portions of previous frames to the images). I don't really want to show images of what I did to them, because I don't think I did that great of a job (and you wouldn't really notice the problem when you were watching it unless you knew it was there).

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