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30th Sep 2007

Almost there....

The video is almost finished now. I've spent the last few days processing the shots and tightening up the edit.

The post-processing of the images ended up taking 2 days to complete (running on 3 computers), and I still have a few shots to redo. I tried to colour correct each shot before the post-processing (and added the colour correction to the final post-processing process), so I've had to run the post-processing over each one individually.

Anyway, I've uploaded a small video showing the process that I've had to complete for each shot of the video: stabilisation, syncing and post-processing. The stabilisation isn't so obvious at this low resolution, but it's very noticeable in the final 1280 x 720 video.

I've added a time-line to 2 of the shots so that you can see the video scrubbing that I apply to the shot when I'm syncing it with the audio. You can also see from this video that I didn't quite use all the footage for this shot (the frames on the end don't get used). That was because I changed the start shots while we were shooting (what I had planned for the first 4 shots was going to be almost impossible to get right, and probably would have taken us over an hour to shoot), and forgot that I needed to bring the shot back to Bevan hitting the drum on the left (the tom).

Today I'm fixing up and processing the last few shots that I'm not happy with. Then I'll start rendering the final versions and hopefully have it uploaded by the end of the week.

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