The Deadly Deaths


The Deadly Deaths - The Deadly Deaths album cover Album - The Deadly Deaths
1. Bury It
2. Half-time Double-team
3. Restless
4. Easy Come, Easy Go
5. See The World
6. Deadline
7. Salty

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Feel free to read the album reviews. You can also preview tracks from the album and purchase them as high-quality MP3 audio files from Amplifier.


For a limited time we are offering downloads of our latest single "Rain" as well as our first three singles "Bury It", "Half-time Double-team" and "See The World" free from our website. Please enter your email address and click the "Download" button to continue. Previews of all songs are available through our MySpace page. And if you feel the need to sing along, then check out the lyrics page.


The Deadly Deaths - Rain.mp3 (5 MB)

Bury It

The Deadly Deaths - Bury It.mp3 (3.7 MB)

Half-time Double-team

The Deadly Deaths - Half-time Double-team.mp3 (4.1 MB)

See The World

The Deadly Deaths - See The World.mp3 (3.2 MB)

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